What to expect from your first chiropractic appointment


  • Your McTimoney chiropractor will take a full case history, assessing your general health, previous conditions and existing symptoms.
  • Ask your permission to conduct a thorough physical examination(this will include neurological and orthopaedic tests, if necessary.)
  • A full Chiropractic explanation will be given.
  • The cause of your symptoms will be explained and a treatment plan outlined(number of treatments  and frequency of visits required.)
  • Treatment will commence during your first visit if there are not contra-indicating factors.


Chiropractic treatment is very much a partnership between you and your Chiropractor


Before your treatment starts, your chiropractor will explain to you clearly:

  • The results of the examination
  • The proposed treatment plan
  • the benefits and any significant risks associated with your condition and proposed treatment plan.

The number and frequency of treatments will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Age
  • Extent of Injury
  • Duration of Injury
  • General fitness
  • Stress(physical and emotional)
  • Posture/Lifestyle


Once your health improves, you can choose to schedule regular check-up visits to ensure your optimum health, wellbeing and mobility is maintained .

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